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Parent Majority School Board

When a group of parents met in my living room in 2020, it was for one simple purpose, to make sure parents had a voice in their kids' education. At that time, schools were locked down, kids and families were falling apart, and we didn’t feel our voice was being heard in the decision-making process. So, we formed the San Juan Parents Association to get loud - and they heard us.

Months later, we realized we could only do so much from the audience, so we supported parents running for our school board. 1 parent board member became 3. Last week, after a special election, we welcomed a 4th parent to the board. 4 out of 7, a parent majority. Each of us have different life experience, beliefs, and opinions. We’re far from a block vote. However, we commonly understand that our decisions will directly impact our kids and yours – which is powerful – a parent's perspective.

I’m grateful to the parents who gathered in my living room in 2020 and the hundreds of others who joined us along the way. You have dedicated thousands of hours to this cause, on top of so many other parental duties, but you made this happen. Every email, every call, every text, every playground and soccer field conversation has proven your political strength. We are the voice of our children and will not be ignored.

The 2024 School Board election is already kicking off and there will be parents on the ballot. I look forward to supporting their campaigns and hope you will join me. I know you will.

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