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Ben Avey Announces Campaign for San Juan Unified School District Board of Education

Ben Avey announced today his campaign to represent parents and students on the San Juan Unified School District (SJUSD) Board of Education in Trustee Area Six.

Avey, a father of four young children, is a graduate of SJUSD schools and a nonprofit leader that has dedicated his career to improving local neighborhoods through public policy, advocacy, and community engagement.

The announcement comes a year after Avey founded the San Juan Parents Association in response to the devastating impact of school closures on local children. San Juan Parents brings parents together to advocate for the success and well-being of students. He currently serves as President on the Board of Directors.

Avey’s campaign is founded on the principle of “Kids First” meaning all school district decisions should be considered through the lens of what is best for students. Avey believes that parents are in the best position to make “Kids First” decisions.

“Parents are the voice of our children, both legally and morally,” said Avey. “We are responsible for keeping them safe, healthy, and raising them to be good people. It is a solemn duty that we welcome without reward or compensation. When our children enroll in San Juan Unified School District, our voice must follow.”

Trustee Area Six is one of seven newly drawn trustee areas adopted this summer by the district following a lawsuit alleging a violation of the California Voting Rights Act. The transition to by-trustee area elections was supported by Avey and the San Juan Parents Association. Trustee areas will be finalized soon based on the most recent census data but Trustee Area Six is expected to include Fair Oaks, Gold River, Orangevale, and Citrus Heights.

“I grew up in this community and understand its history,” said Avey. “There was a time when our schools were the envy of the region. We can be that again.”

Avey graduated from Harry Dewy Fundamental School, Will Rogers Middle School, and Del Campo High School. As a student, Avey was a varsity athlete, student body treasurer, and a recipient of multiple community service awards.

Today, in addition to being president of San Juan Parents Association, Avey is the president of Earl LeGette Elementary School Site Council and serves as their representative on the San Juan Unified Superintendents Parent Advisory Committee. He is also President of Friends of Camp Sacramento. Ben is past President of the Barrio Logan Association, and past member of Sacramento County Public Health Advisory Board.

Avey lives in Fair Oaks with his wife and four children, three of whom are enrolled in their local elementary school and the fourth who is eager to follow.

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